Melbourne Symphony Orchestra Building.


This 3D visualisation / Render image has been taken from my RMIT Major Project presentation whilst studying my Masters of Architecture at RMIT.


To produce a realistic, colourful and dramatic 3D render of the new Melbourne Symphony Orchestra building and its surroundings near Hamer Hall in Melbourne, Australia. The image was to be set at night to create the drama, romanticism and excitement of attending a performance space, such as the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.


The 3D render showcases the new building designed as part of my Major project, interior lighting was carefully placed to illuminate the right areas. People were placed within the image to help populate the scene, a combination of 3D (Rhino) and 2D (Photoshop) people. An image was taken from the site to help create further realism to this image.


3D Visualisation
3D Rendering
Rhino Modelling
Vray Rendering
Photoshop post-production

  • Elchanan Brown
  • October 2010
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